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When Bitches Meet: Scream 3 Edition.

Before seeing Scream 4 last weekend I rewatched the previous three. And while the third installment seems to be largely recognised as the worst, I love it. And it can pretty much be summed up in one phrase: Double the … Continue reading

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Great Moments In Bitchdom: Veda Pierce

Veda: Why do you think I went to all this trouble? Why do you think I want money so badly? Mildred: All right, why? Veda: Are you sure you want to know? Mildred: Yes! Veda: Alright, I’ll tell you. With … Continue reading

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The Inaugural Television Bitch: Alexis Carrington-Colby

What can be said about Joan Collins’s portrayal as the Queen of 80s TV bitches that hasn’t already been said? While my heart belongs to another 80s tv bitch (Sue Ellen Ewing),  no one can deny that Alexis was the … Continue reading

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