The Good, The Bad and The Evil.

Just in time for Halloween it’s time to remember my favourite ladies of horror.
The Good:

My very favourite lady of horror. Carrie White was the outcast who made good, if only for a few fleeting moments.

Anna in the Dawn Of The Dead remake became my favourite heroine of the 2000s. Definitely a good girl of the horror world.

A sometimes forgotten heroine of horror, Sarah in Day Of The Dead was tough and got the job done.  If the film had been more popular she may have given Ellen Ripley a run for her money.

Wendy Torrance is often criticised for being weak and emotionally unstable. Wouldn’t you be if you were chased around by Jack Nicholson and various creepy ghosts. The woman saved her child and stood up to Jack when it mattered. She’s one of the good ones.

Gale Weathers: Tough, determined and a bitch. Add to it the basic human decency lurking in there and she’s one of my favourite good gals of horror.

Ellen Ripley in Alien plays by the rules and it pays off for her. (Note I’m not counting Aliens. That’s an action movie, Alien is horror.)


I’ve always had a soft spot for Annie Wilkes, but let’s not forget…bitch is crazy.

Technically not a girl, this slinky seductive alien is a hot bad girl…until she bites off Martin Short’s thumb that is.

Madeline and Helen are my favourite zombies EVER. They’re so bitchy and witty and elegant. I love these bad girls to bits.

Baby Jane Hudson! What else needs to be said? Other than perhaps rat, anyone?


Chris Hargensen. Pure Evil. So much worse than Freddy or Jason because she’s the type of girl that is seen holding court over the lesser people in high schools everywhere.

Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest is an evil person. Luckily Mommie Dearest was a work of fiction!

She wanted her stepdaughter’s heart in a box! That’s cold. She’s oh so evil, but also stylish…which earns her points with me.


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Flitting about in furs, drinking expensive champagne is my thing. A toast! To all the bitches of the world!
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2 Responses to The Good, The Bad and The Evil.

  1. Dawn says:

    Mommie Dearest wasn’t entirely fiction. It was based on her adopted daughter’s memoir of the same name, and while some questioned whether it was completely true, most agree that it was fairly accurate.

    • snixins says:

      I realise that it is supposed to be based on a non-fiction piece of work and I was being sarcastic. Mostly due to Christina’s habit of changing details and occurences when she re-releases the book every few years.

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