Great Moments In Bitchdom: Veda Pierce

Veda: Why do you think I went to all this trouble? Why do you think I want money so badly?

Mildred: All right, why?

Veda: Are you sure you want to know?

Mildred: Yes!

Veda: Alright, I’ll tell you. With this money I can get away from you.

Mildred: Veda…

Veda: From you and your chickens and your pies and your kitchens and everything that smells of grease! I can get away from this shack with its cheap furniture, and this town and its dollar days, and its women that wear uniforms and its men that wear overalls.

Mildred: Veda, I think I’m really seeing you for the first time in my life and you’re cheap and horrible!

Veda: You think just because you made a little money you can get a new hairdo and some expensive clothes and turn yourself into a lady. But you can’t. Because you’ll never be anything but a common frump whose father lived over a grocery store and whose mother took in washing. With this money I can get away from every rotten stinking thing that makes me think of this place or you!

*Veda runs off*

Mildred: VEDA!

Mildred: Give me that check!

Veda: Not on your life!

Mildred: I said give it to me!

Mildred: Get out Veda. Get your things outta this house right now before I throw them into the street and you with them. Get out before I kill you!


About snixins

Flitting about in furs, drinking expensive champagne is my thing. A toast! To all the bitches of the world!
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