The Inaugural Television Bitch: Alexis Carrington-Colby

What can be said about Joan Collins’s portrayal as the Queen of 80s TV bitches that hasn’t already been said? While my heart belongs to another 80s tv bitch (Sue Ellen Ewing),  no one can deny that Alexis was the stylish cold hearted bitch with an acid tongue that viewers loved to hate. While she may pop up many times, today I’ll focus on one scene. Season three’s The Threat, which featured the infamous lily pond catfight.

Never one to shy away from a catfight with her rival Krystle Carrington, poor Alexis soon found out her tongue was her best weapon. Not her fists, unlike Krystle.

Get off your property? But it really isn’t, is it?…Mrs Jennings


I know what’s wrong with you… The empty armed Madonna, mourning the baby that she couldn’t have and the baby that she almost got to adopt… Gone now… That is it, isn’t it?

You miserable BITCH!

What follows is a fantastically unforgettable romp in the pond!

Of course Blake, the party pooper, has to break it up.

Did you see what she was trying to do? She was trying to drown me!

Oh well, Alexis. You can’t win em all.
We haven’t seen the last of this bitch though. Not by a long shot!


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Flitting about in furs, drinking expensive champagne is my thing. A toast! To all the bitches of the world!
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One Response to The Inaugural Television Bitch: Alexis Carrington-Colby

  1. itsmeak says:

    Yay Alexis! I love to LOVE her! ❤

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